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    • Intro

    • Goals

    • Emotional Balance

    • Reflection: My Emotional Balance

    • Quiz: My Emotional Balance

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    Life Sessions

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    Book your coach

    • How to book your Coach?

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    • Assessment

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    Balanced You™ Program

    • Balanced You™ Program

    • Part 1 | Change of perspective for more attention and serenity

    • Attention

    • Care

    • Perspective

    • Regeneration

    • Regeneration Life Session

    • Acceptance

    • Acceptance Life Session

    • Part 2 | Development of perception for more clarity and sovereignty

    • Perception

    • Emotions

    • Expectations

    • Body

    • Balance

    • Part 3 | Making conscious decisions with inner clarity, calm and resilience

    • Activity

    • Habits

    • Decisions

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Senior Instructor

Florian Wolf

For more than 10 years, the content focus has been on a sustainable empowerment approach to self-efficacy of people and organizations. Florians holistic thinking and the highly individualized approach based on neuroscientific findings supports social skills, mindfulness as an inner attitude, development of the self and the integration of new lifestyle options into everyday life. Florian Wolf is an Integral Business Coach and has led several hundred keynote lectures, workshops and coaching sessions in German and English. His many years of experience in scientific work and the practical implementation in business programs and coaching facilitated the understanding of how to bring people and companies equally into the « Doing ». Florian is a family person. In his free time he is an enthusiastic triathlete and surfer, mainly together with his wife and 2 daughters.